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Outdoor lighting is one of main categories of our products, including many kinds of lights such as LED Flood lights, LED Street lights, LED Garden lights and Solar Street lights. They are both designed for outdoors lighting, often used to illuminate outdoor playing fields while an outdoor sports event is being held during low-light conditions, either for live performances such as concerts and plays as stage lighting instruments or street lights. Being free of Mercury, Lead and Carbon Emissions, they do not give out any harmful emissions such as carbon. As a result, they are much more friendly to the environment and also to the health of people nearby. The white beam of light produced by them is very much similar to daylight which makes it very easy to see and retrieve items. For these advantages, more and more outdoor lightings have been often used.

Combining the science of light and knowledge from the experience, Seming lighting have developed groundbreaking Outdoor lightings that are changing the way we light. We can offer you a wide selection of lighting fixtures, styles, and advanced optical designs with different photometric options to meet the needs of you. Let our team of LED experts at Seming help you in your next Outdoor lightings.

Benefits of Outdoor lightings:

  • Energy-saving, low heat, low power consumption, stable performance.
  • Long life span, it can last 25000 hours.
  • Perfect blend of traditional and cutting-edge technology.
  • Great reducing carbon emission, environmentally friendly.
  • With 360° beam angle, the filament bulb can give out light omnidirectional.
  • No radiation, no mercury, instant start, no flicker, no harm to human eyes.
  • Does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements.