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  • SM-LD120-2 LED Street Light Fixtures
  • SM-LD120-2 LED Street Light Fixtures

SM-LD120-2 LED Street Light Fixtures

Product Description

SM-LD120-2 LED Street Light Fixtures is better than normal LED lights for its large number light sources. Which can be different with specific model and enables different light intensity. Also, with the help of its advanced chip, the speed of it to emit light would be much better than other LED street lights in the market. And the color rendering index of SM-LD120-2 LED Street light is higher than many other lights, helping drivers to identify the different signs correctly and reduce the incidence of traffic accidents effectively. What’s more, SM-LD120-2 LED Street light is competitive for its outstanding working ability against harsh environments such as heavy rain, strong wind, low temperature, and so on.

Features of LED Street Light Fixtures:
1. Modular design, full power free combination, simple tool maintenance.
2. Full structure heat dissipation technology, high performance heat dissipation.
3. The original high efficiency Lumileds LED chip, single light damage will not affect the whole light.
4. Intelligent constant current driver, over temperature, over voltage, over current protection, ensure product stability.
5. Water proof of IP65, avoid water vapor or corrosive gas erosion of chips and circuit boards.
6. AC85~265V, suitable for many countries.Low maintenance costs thanks to long lifetime.

Detailed Parameters

Model Code SM-LD120-2
Size L860*W400*H60mm
Power (W) 120W
Voltage AC85~265V
Material aluminum die-casting
IP Rate IP65

Product Details

Expressway, main road and branch road, park.