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Bulk Wholesale Customized LED Street Lights

Seming Lighting, a professional private LED Street Lights Manufacturer in China. Through 17 years’ development, We are specialized in the design, manufacturing , sales and services of LED street lights and have developed a full line of LED street Lighting system products. We deal with bulk wholesale customized LED Street Lights. We could design according to your drawing, add your logo, and make the lights according to your specifications and applications. We have exported LED street lights to over 80 countries and 300 LED street lights projects.

Street lights are a fundamental instrument in guaranteeing security from accidents and non-social components. street lights have been connected with sentiments of well being and reduction in mishaps.

LED Street light is an device that has a light-emitting diode (LED) and is utilized for open air LED lighting. LED Street light mostly comprises a capacitor, resistor, some with a triode tube and the MOS tube and the basic composition, making it a total of many components. Apart from those mentioned above, it is more ecologically well-disposed in light of the fact that it doesn’t contain mercury which is destructive to both the earth and our wellbeing. Besides, LED Street light is more secure. It is in a condition of low voltage in which it can work to stability. Furthermore, LED Street light has better visual experience. Additionally it has a longer life of around  50,000 hours. It is more energy efficient and has more radiant light and high luminous efficiency.

LED Street Light Efficiency Parameters:

  •     Light yielded by the Street light
  •     Light reflection from the street and different surfaces
  •     Colour rendering capacity
  •     Mesopic vision as controlled by the S/P proportion of light
  •     Proportion between highest lumens, average lumens and minimum lumens
  •     Uniform dispersion of light
  •     Cut off angle of the fixture
  •     Height of the mounting post – Optimum shaft height is imperative for the right lighting intensity. As the height of the mounting pole increases the impression of the light increases yet light intensity diminishes

Points to consider when buying a LED Street Light

LED Package

When buying a LED Street light, we should focus on the few things as follows: to begin with, we ought to understand the LED lights with chip. The costs of various chips are different. Secondly, we should comprehend the LED package. There are two fundamental bundles: sub-resin package and silicone encapsulation. The resin package is less expensive as compared to the silicone encapsulation. Likewise, we can pick LED Street lights with various shapes, colours as per our requirements.

Luminosity of Street Light

Luminosity is the light yielded from a lamp. A small sized lamp creating a considerable amount of light results in much brightness and subsequent glare when tried to look at directly. LED Street Lighting Systems however comprise of various light producing points hence lessening glare.

Advantages of using LED Street Light

Low energy consumed: Many LED lighting retrofits have been guaranteed to significantly lessen energy used

Long lifetime: The anticipated lifetime of LED Street lights is normally 10 to 15 years, two to four times the life of as of now common HPS. When actually put to practice, the less successive need to service or support LEDs will mean lower maintenance cost

More precise colour rendering: The shading rendering record is the capacity of a light source to accurately duplicate the shades of the articles in contrast with a perfect light source. Enhanced colour rendering makes it simpler for drivers to see objects.

Quick turn on and off: Unlike fluorescent and high-power release (HID) lights, for example, mercury vapor, metal halide, and sodium vapor lights, which take time to warm up once switched on, LEDs start off with full splendour right away.

Quick restart: Unlike mercury vapor, metal halide and sodium vapor lights (generally utilized as a part of street lighting), LEDs don’t have an issue restarting instantly like after a power cut off.

RoHS consistence: LEDs don’t contain mercury or lead, and don’t discharge harmful gasses if broken.

Less appealing to night-time insects: Nocturnal bugs are pulled in to bright light transmitted by numerous traditional light sources.

Optically productive lighting hardware: Other kinds of street lights use a reflector to catch the light discharged upwards from the light. Indeed, even under the best of conditions, the reflector absorbs a portion of the light. Similarly, for fluorescent lights and different lights with phosphor covered globules, the bulb itself retains a portion of the light directed down by the reflector. LED lights can however send light in the right directions without a reflector.

Lessened glare: Directing the light descending onto the roadway reduces the amount of light that is directed at driver’s eye.

Higher light yield even at low temperatures: While fluorescent lights are energy efficient, they have a tendency to have lesser light yield at winter temperatures. This is not the case with LED Street lights.