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Cleaning technology without washing photovoltaic panels

Solar PV plants from  arid/desert areas around the world  have a permanent issue with dust accumulation on the PV panel surface leading to a reduced energy output with up to 30% and lower efficiency of the plant.
Dust storms can reduce output power even more, up to 60%, making the cleaning of the photovoltaic panels very important for solar PV plants.
Advantages of automatic solar panel cleaning robot:
• Dry-type cleaning system (no water).
• Does not require installation of water pipes, water tanks, electrical cables  to power/charge the robot; it is energy independent.
Daily cleaning improves production of the solar PV plants up to 20-25%, by removing over 98% of the dust from panels.
Is suitable for arid areas where distillated water is difficult or expensive to be obtained and desert areas where energy loss due to dust or sandstorms can reach up to 60%.
The most cost effective way of having clean solar PV plants comparing against manual cleaning. ROI is quicker using automatic cleaning robot.
no need of permanent local operating personnel leads to a low OPEX.
Higher income through higher production.
Easy compatible with over 80% products of the profile market in matter of size, configuration and tilt of the solar panels as well as multiple mounting structures.
Is modular, scalable, and customable for specific solar PV plant configuration
Is simple, strong, reliable, using high quality components and equipment.
The PV cleaning robot can be customized and starts from a system with manual operation to a fully independent and controlled via SCADA or mobile web interface.
• Depending on the particular PV plants, it is easily customizable to work with minimal or no changes to the supporting structure of the solar PV panels and the panels themselves;
• The system can be equipped with meteorological sensors in order to determine the optimum conditions for cleaning. (wind, humidity, solar radiation, temperature, etc.);
• Possibility of programming the operating parameters according to customer demand (start time, speed, direction of travel, starting conditions depending on the weather factors etc.);
• Does not use chemical cleaning agents or other products that might harm the environment;
• Does not require human intervention during cleaning, removing all uncertainties related to labor force.
For large solar PV plants, a fleet of cleaning robots are used, working synchronized, connected to a local SCADA and locally or remotely controlled.