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  • Module RGB Flood Light
  • Module RGB Flood Light
  • Module RGB Flood Light
  • Module RGB Flood Light
  • Module RGB Flood Light
  • Module RGB Flood Light
  • Module RGB Flood Light
  • Module RGB Flood Light

Module RGB Flood Light

Product Description


• Special die-casting radiator design patent, this section die-cast cast light through the heat sink before and after through, heat sink front, both beautiful and conducive to better circulation of hot air.
• Lamp beads using OSRAM lamp beads, using high-performance with DMX decoding power supply.
• Bright colors, monochromatic good, soft light, low power, long life, light up to 50,000 hours;Easy to install, not easy to damage, no heat radiation, favorable protection by illuminated objects, lamps are easy to adjust the scale of irradiation angle.
• Support DMX512 signal two-way communication, remote read and write can be achieved DMX and other places,Address management function, (DMX master need to support RDM protocol) to achieve 0-100% dimming, And a variety of color change effects, can control the monochrome,two-color or RGB changes, jump, Color flicker, random flicker, gradient alternation, chase,scan and other effects.
• Using high-performance Ming-wai power, IP65.

Installation Precautions:
• Before installation, please cut off the power and ensure that the installation site can withstand the weight of the lamp.
• In order to prevent the lamp from falling off, make sure that the installation is correct.
• Please do not cover any material on the lamp.
• For safety, please take a good connection.
• The lamp from the purchase date, the warranty for five years.
• However, the breakdown, modification, or improper construction of this product is not covered by this warranty.

Detailed Parameters

Model Luminous flux RGB full light Power Product Size / mm Light angle net weight
SM-FL280-W30-3030RGB 1330 LM 30W 287*241.1*97.1 30 60 60x135 85x135 3.9KG
SM-FL280-W50-3030RGB 2060 LM 50W 287*241.1*97.1 30 60 60x135 85x135 3.9KG
SM-FL280-W80-3030RGB 3260 LM 80W 333*290*99 30 60 60x135 85x135 5.3KG
SM-FL280-W100-3030RGB 4230 LM 100W 333*290*99 30 60 60x135 85x135 5.3KG
SM-FL390-W120-3030RGB 5030 LM 110W 355*415*128 30 60 60x135 85x135 9.5KG
SM-FL390-W180-3030RGB 7900 LM 180W 507*415*126 30 60 60x135 85x135 13.5KG
SM-FL390-W240-3030RGB 10350 LM 220 W 660*415*128 30 60 60x135 85x135 17.9 KG
AC 90V~305V Power Efficiency >90%
Storage temperature: –40 ~ 85°C

Product Details



Light distribution

Installation Notes


Mainly applicable to the single building, the historic building exterior lighting, the building inside the light through the lighting, indoor lighting, green landscape lighting, bridges, windows, squares, gardens, sculpture, lawn, courtyard, street, bar, Entertainment atmosphere lighting. Can be indoors, outdoor installation of sealed lamps.