What's The Difference Between Sunlight And LED Grow Light

May 13,2017
The sun may bring forth all life in nature, but is it really the best light for plants?

As to traditional farming, most of the farmers would prefer to rely on the sun rather than buying LED grow lights for their plants, as sunlight is natural, provides the full spectrum light and free for them to use while a little person have no option but only to rely on led grow lights for their indoor plants.

So, let we imagine a picture like that: As winter approaches and days become shorter, plants in northern or southern latitudes receive less sunlight. While sunlight provides plants with the full spectrum of light, plants in northern or southern latitudes will receive less sunlight with summer wanes toward winter and the days shorten. As the sun tracks across the sky—or, more accurately, as the planet rotates—obstacles such as trees, telephone poles or other tall objects can block the light periodically.

But with the help of LED grow light, you can control how many hours of light per day your plants receive by the time you leave the LED grow light on. In this way, those living in northern or southern latitudes can assure their plants grow with enough light even when the sun sets early, tricking the plants into believing that it is summertime and that they should continue to grow rather than become dormant or, in the case of annuals, die. In addition, your plants will receive constant direct light for as long as you leave the LED grow lights turned on.

And the light LED grow lights provide can meet your plants’ specific need under your adjustment by varying degrees and colors. For plant growth and development, blue light is essential while red light promotes flowering. Accordingly, we can set the led grow lighting parameters to emit more blue light in growing stage and changing the lighting parameters with the growth of your plants. So, we can see, compared to natural sunlight, LED grow light is much more targeted and efficient, controllable, flexible.

In the best lighting environment created by LED grow light, you plants can grow much faster than under the sunlight, also, you can save a lot of planting area in this way.
Now, do you still believe that sunlight is better than the light of LED grow light?