Advantages Of LED Grow Lights

May 13,2017
In the past ten years, LED technology has significantly developed and is now available.
Many people use LED grow lights as an alternative to incandescent bulbs and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) bulbs to grow plants indoors without the limit of sunlight. Compared with other lights, LEDs offer many advantages when it comes to growing various plants indoors.

First and the biggest advantages to growing with LED grow lights is that LEDs consume less than 30% when compared to other various bulbs. Which does really saves a lot of growing energy bill.

Another advantage of LED grow lights is they are near zero heat. LED grow lights give off less than 10% of the heat that a high intensity discharge bulb such as high-pressure sodium (HPS) or metal halide (MH) bulbs do. Less heat equals less energy consumption. As the majority of the wasted electricity in HID systems is given off as heat, you will find that after just a few minutes of use, the HID bulb will become extremely hot and will burn the skin if touched and has been known to cause fires. So you can imagine what it will cause to the growing plants. It may make plants dry to death or burn it. But with LED grow lights, this problem completely eliminated as even after being on for 24 hours, the LED grow light is only slightly warm.

The way LED grow lights work is that the individual diodes that are in the light are focused to specific wavelengths of the light spectrum necessary for plant photosynthesis while other light bulb gives off white light, which encompasses all the colors of the visible light spectrum. Plant photosynthesis requires only specific wavelengths of light and all the extra wavelengths that are in white light are wasted. LED grow light diodes have a blend of only the wavelengths that are needed in the correct ratios necessary for photosynthesis. These wavelengths are mainly the reds, oranges and blues in the 580-630nm and 420-470nm ranges.

Yet another advantage of LED grow lights is that it last about 100 times as long as light bulbs and 6-7 times as long as compact fluorescent lights.

LED grow lights have truly come of age and indoor growers are finally able to take advantage of this technology to grow green and grow more efficiently than they have ever been able to before.