The influence of LED grow Lighting in light to grow Indoor Plants

May 19,2017
The influence of LED grow Lighting in light to grow Indoor Plants

LED grow lighting is a rapidly developing field and with their energy saving features, long lifetimes, and no toxicity. LED grow lights are beginning to become prominent in the indoor growing world.  

Horticultural LED technology is giving indoor growers more opportunities that were not previously available for the advent of densely packed and high intensity. As LED grow lights allow for the isolation and mixing of wavelengths, growers can now control the wavelength combinations and lighting sources that they put on to their plants. Due to the low heat output of LED grow lights, growers can now increase light intensity by closing the distance between lights and plants without to doubt whether it will cause plants burnt. This feature of emerging LED grow lights has improved their versatility from large broadband lights, such as metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) lights.

LED grow light is forcing the horticultural lighting industry to reexamine the way temperature, ventilation, circulation, CO2, humidity, watering, and fertilizer are managed. The prevalence of broadband sources like large, high wattage high-intensity discharge (HID) systems has dictated the way indoor growers perceive the indoor growing space and management of indoor crops. The complications typical of these lighting systems have been accepted as standard procedure and are often considered in the comparison of LED with conventional systems. However, there are vast differences to be addressed when comparing these two types of lighting systems. LED grow lights distribute so little heat especially in contrast with broadband sources that many of the equipment required for indoor growing with broadband lights will be rendered useless. This will greatly contribute to growers in save on costs, time, and effort as they transition to LED grow lights.  

LED grow lights are turning up the way to be more efficient and environmental in planting!