How To Use LED Grow Lights

May 13,2017
Lighting Tip:

For serious indoor growing and starting plants from seeds, you’ll need hanging LED grow lights placed right over your plants. You can buy special LED grow light kits that include fixtures and reflectors and place the lamps where your plants can benefit most. but, when choose a LED grow light, beware of light bulbs simply labeled as “plant” bulbs, such as these “Spot-Gro” bulbs. They’re designed to make your plants LOOK better by making them appear greener, but they’re really just tinted incandescent bulbs.

Place of LED grow light:

Easy plant lighting for room with low natural light:
Find a right place to set your LED grow light, ideally on a moveable or gooseneck fixtures.
Set the LED grow light parameters within the safe wattage to avoid heat damage.
Aim the lights toward your plant table.

Place a mirror or other reflective surface underneath your plants, to reflect light back up onto the foliage.

Attach a timer set to 16 hours per day.

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