Differences between LED grow lights and broadband light

May 24,2017
One of the biggest differences between LED grow lights and broadband light is how efficient each light is at converting energy to light. Broadband sources are notorious for the excessive amount of heat produced when converting energy to light. This is a great limit in usage when temperature control is extremely important in growing indoors. For some plants, they demand the temperature of the growing space very exactly that it must be at a comfortable range. Excessive heat can cause water to evaporate and plants to dry out. It can also give plants unnecessary stress, leading to vegetative damage, flower sterility amongst crops, decreased flower and fruit production, and ultimately a reduction in crop yield.

For the defects we talked above, most broadband sources have to work in conjunction with an expensive venting system, which is a heavy burden to growers. Intricate ventilation and circulation systems, with multiple controllers and fans help to remove a fraction of the heat in grow rooms or airtight tents. One fan is kept in the lighting fixture itself, while another is situated to the side to pump heated air out. This separate system is installed in the growing area to help direct heat away from the plants into the outside environment. During the summertime when the weather is significantly hotter, air conditioning is often required to lower and steady temperature levels. Good ventilation is necessary for control over the temperature in the contained area to monitor the stability of the growing environment.

However, with LED grow lights, there is no need for a separate venting system. Because they are efficient at energy conversion to light, LED grow lights are naturally cool. This is a big advantage for growers as it eliminates another aspect that they have to otherwise monitor. Also, growers don't have to worry about the temperature getting too hot in the growing area and inhibiting the growth of their plants.

After the comparison between LED grow lights and broadband light, it’s obvious for us that LED grow lights is of high performance price ratio, it may increase your expense, but you will find it is worth if compare to the cost of Intricate ventilation and circulation systems.